WBR Corp has tied up with Forbes India to bring out Special Marquee Editions. We have successfully launched 2 Forbes India Marquee Edition - “Global Indian Brands and Leaders” and "India Shining". We are bringing our next special marquee issue under the name of "Modern India’s Game Changers". This issue would come out with the Forbes India Investment Special. The issue would comprise of 1 page editorial write-up for each of the featured participant along with their photo and organizations's logo (wherever applicable). This special feature would also be available on Forbes India website and would be promoted in advance on their platforms. Advertisement opportunities are also available.

Our previous Marquee issues – "Global Indian Brands and Leaders" And “India Shining “ can be found at the below links:

Download Link for Global Indian Brands and Leaders full issue -

Download Link for India Shining full issue -

Forbes is a 100 year old brand and is one of the most recognizable and respected brands in the business universe. It launched in India in 2009 and within a short period of time established itself as the premier business magazine of the country. The content of Forbes India has ushered a new perspective in the lives of the rich and affluent and evolved as the country’s most influential business magazine.

  • Total Print Run 75000 copies of which 35,000 are through subscriptions and the rest from on stand sales
  • 43% of our readers belong to Top Management
  • 20% of our readers are Owners & Entrepreneurs of enterprises with a net worth of 10 Crores
  • 97% of them belong to SEC A1 & A 2 category
  • 90% of Forbes India readers are between ages 25-45 yrs
  • 67% of Forbes India readers own high end real estate in premium localities
The digital version of Forbes India is one of the strongest news websites in its genre and has a very loyal base of users who are regular and spend a healthy amount of time per visit. The portal is almost akin to a habit for our users who login once in a day or in two days to get their regular dose of information

  • Forbes India has about 7.5 lakh page views a month.
  • It has around 3.5 lakh Unique users which is more than half the number of total PVs.
  • The website has a time spent of about 2.5 - 3 minutes.
  • The content of the website is updated as per the issue out in the market regularly.
  • Apart from the Business content, the website also covers Leisure, Fashion, travel etc in its LIFE section on the website.
  • Our EDM activity for 1.2 lakh database has an average click through rate of 2% - 3%.